European Exploration- unintended consequences

Posted: September 13, 2010 in US History class

Asian goods had been traded in Europe dating back to the Roman Empire. Ancient trade was done on the old Silk Road, where Arabic and Persian “middle-men” acted as go-betweens for both the Chinese and the Europeans. During the Dark Ages, contact with that outside world was halted in Europe, and at different times the Chinese closed up their world to the outside as well.  With the development of Islam, Arabic traders and warriors took over the Silk Road and controlled access with Asia. However, from the 400s to the 1000s, most Asian goods were unavailable and unwanted in Europe.

The Crusades were fought in the 1000s between Europeans and Arabic Muslims, but an unintended result was that Europeans returning home were able to bring back Asian goods, which then became in-demand throughout the continent.  Once these rare goods were re-introduced to Europeans, demand soared! However, prices were outrageous too, because Arabic traders, acting as “middle-men” were determined to get their share of the profits. This lead to a race between European nations to find the quickest sea route from Europe to Asia. As sailors were looking for a way to find a sea route to Asia, they discover lands previously unheard of on the European continent.

As the Portuguese explorers sailed east around Africa and eventually made it to India and China, Spanish sailors, lead by Columbus, sailed west. Spanish conquests in this “New World” lead to the downfall of Native American powers such as the Aztecs and Incas. Portuguese exploration of the coast of Africa lead to an involvement in the African slave trade, which soon spread to the other European exploring nations.

Europeans carried diseases with them to the Americas. These were diseases that “Indians” had no immunity to and caused millions of deaths. In some places, up to 80-90% of the native population died from these illnesses. Europeans had begun using the natives to work on their sugar plantations, but with so many deaths the workforce was depleted and they needed more people to fill those jobs. A new trade opened up as Portuguese began trading guns with African tribal chiefs in exchange for slaves captured from enemy tribes. Slaves were brought to the American continents to work on these plantations. As slaves were brought to America, new crops were grown and introduced back in Europe which created a new demand for these new goods.

Originally, the goal was to find a route to Asia to be able to control trade, but in the end millions of Native Americans were killed and their cultures nearly became extinct, millions of Africans were kidnapped from their homes by other Africans and sold into slavery in a land they didn’t even know existed, and a whole “New World” was opened up to Europeans to chase their dreams of a better life outside of the old ways of Europe. None of these results were the original intent of those involved in what we call “The Age of Exploration.”

Christopher Columbus's ship "Santa Maria" was one of the three Spanish ships to land in the Bahamas in 1492.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT- Think of a time when you or your family did something that had an unintended consequence. Write a 1 paragraph response from your own personal experience. (ex: your family moved from one place to another, you were nervous about a new place, but you ended up finding a new best friend.)

  1. My parents and I have a dog last year. My mom spend time with him, but not to much. We decided to get a second dog so Benny doesn’t have to be lonely. so we bought a female dog name snowy. They did fight for awhile, but eventually they are friends. Unfortunately, my family’s unintended consequence was that it wll take a really long time to catch snowy to put it into a cage.

  2. One day my family Went to a amusement park and so we woke up at 7:30,
    So when we where all done we go to the knotts and it was closed so that was very fun , we didnt know knotts can close , so we where upset ,so we all dicided to go somewhere else didnt know what to do.
    And a other time was when we where going to a weding the same thing happend ,
    it was a saturday mornig we where all dressed up for nothing that a fun thing so we juss went back home and did nothing . theres my story.

    • ramsey thatcher per.3 says:

      one night my family decided that we should move to california.I was shocked, when my parents said that.The next day my family arrive and we went to meet up my cousins.When it was setember i was nervous to go to school and meet new people.So from 5th grade to now i wont regreat moving. THE END 🙂

    • Clare Chappell :) says:

      One time when my family went to hawaii for missionary work i was really NOT looking forward to it. The whole plane ride there i was not happy. I wasn’t looking forward to going to school because i didnt want to go to school by myself. The first couple of days i was not paying attention and i wasn’t happy. By the end of the 3 months i spent there was so happy because i met new people and some good friends. 🙂

  3. Sarah Thissen period 2 says:

    I used to live in Fresno, California. My family and I moved to Orange County, California when I was around the age of 5 or 6. I had to leave my best friend. I was upset. However, I was also looking foward to my new school, and meeting new friends. I was excited, nervous, and a little upset. However, everything happens for a reason. I met alot of new friends, and I got an awesome best friend. I may have had to leave some friends, but everything turned out alright.

  4. Sheena Vu p4 says:

    Hahaha, I remember this one time, the night before the Fourth Of July, my family and I planned to go to Disneyland and watch the fireworks. We promised eachother that all of us will be able to wake up early to get there. So the next day we got up at 9am and got ready as quick as possible. As we were getting ready, we all forgotten to eat, so we stopped at In-N-Out to grab a bite on the go. When we got to In-n-Out, the drive-thru was long, so when we got inside, it was even longer! So my aunts told me to stay in here and she’ll wait out there. It took as at least 20 minutes for the cashier to take our orders. Then, when she finally did, we waited another 20 minutes for our food to be ready. As soon as the food was ready, we ran to the car, my cousins spilled their drinks and fries, and we told our aunts to go because it was already getting to late. 10:55 and we were 5 minutes away from Disneyland. So we thought. It took us 25 minutes to get to the parking ticket booth, and to our dissappointment, we got there finding out that the park isn’t letting anymore people in because it was over crowded. Well that was a waste of time, fries and drinks, and waking up early in the morning. Super dissappointed.

  5. My family use to live around Garden Grove.So my family moved to Westminster and I was kinda upset to leave my house.I didnt even want to move and I was around the age of five or six and so I moved but than i liked my new house and I had to move becaused of my family.I was happy latter on because i liked my new house.I got some new friends form my school and than I founded a new best friend and so everythings wented back to great.

  6. Kathleen Le, P. 4 says:

    It wasn’t like it was anything big or important, but my family wanted to drive down to San Francisco to visit my cousin and her husband for their aniversary. The drive was around 7-10 hours and when we finally got there, bad karma just unraveled on us. First, we couldn’t find the street (San Francisco’s streets are so small!!) and ended up heading East instead of West. Then, because of wandering endlessly, we ran out of gas and had to stop for some. And when we finally reached, it turns out that the party was over. So we ended up being pretty disappointed and angry for that and had to rent a hotel to stay in. I had to say within that day, including the daily stops for snacks and drinks plus the hotel fee for seven, we spent over four-five hundred that day.

  7. julie contreras period 5 says:

    Once during winter my family and I moved here to Westminster and I thought that I wasn’t going to make any friends. I was the new kid, I read so many stories were no one ever talked to the new kids, I so I thought that no one would talk to me ever. So, it was the first day and it is time for recess and a girl named Charlotte and she asked if I wanted to play doge ball with her. I was happy that some one talked to me. Charlotte and I became friends then I got more and more friends during the year.

  8. Kevin Tran P.3 says:

    About 2 years ago, I went with my grandma to our yearly vacation to Miami, Florida to visit my relatives. As usual, during my one week stay there, i would ask my uncle to go take me fishing. As usual, he said yes. So he and I went fishing one time and it was very fun. However, it was fun because we only intended to catch fish and fish only. Never expected anything else. For the whole 7 hours i spent fishing, i didn’t get a single nibble. I did get some garbage however! Then as we were preparing to leave, I thought what the heck! Ill give it one last shot while my uncle was putting away our gear. I sat there for a bit, still in a bummed out mood. Then it happened. I got a nibble and it was a bit strong tug. I kept pulling, thinking i had caught this amazing fish. When i pulled it up, I didn’t catch a fish, but a crab instead. So i spent my whole day to catch a crab. Pathetic i thought, but my uncle was very pleased and the next day, he rounded my other uncles and aunts they all went crab-fishing for once!

  9. Mmmm well I was in 5th grade.
    Then the school fair was in theafternoon.
    I love fairs and I hate not having a lot of ticckets to ride on the rides
    Soooo I bought 20 dolors worth of tickits that got me 150 tickits . So I get alll ready and go find my tickits. I show up at school almost running to the gate thenn all of a sudden a see a lot of people leaving 😦 I’m lile what whers evreyone going then I find out that its over I had writttn 150 as what time to go there…. but it and the how many tickits as sooo I ended up going when their was only 10 min left and those ten min I helped clean upp. And I missed all the riders and wasted 20 dollors did I mention no refund ? ….. so that’s my story ? 🙂

  10. Alan Nguyen P.3 says:

    One time I was on a road trip with my family to San Francisco and my brother had to use the restroom. We stopped at a barbecue/gas station that looked very old. We went inside and bought food, filled gas, and used the restroom. I ordered a smoked ham sandwich and it took about 30 minutes to cook. After it was done cooking i saw the size of this colossal sandwich. I can promise you that that was the best meal I ever had. So what ended up being a boring road trip turned out to be the best feast i have ever eaten.

  11. Maria Luong Period 2 says:

    During the ride to San Diego for my cousin’s birthday, the car’s engine started to act funny. At first my parents didn’t mind it at all, but it got worse. So my dad stopped at a resting spot and decided to see what was wrong. My dad couldn’t see anything since it was late at night so we waited for some help. A few minutes later, a police car came up and asked us if we wanted a drive to Denny’s. We said yes of course and there we were going to Denny’s. After arriving to Denny’s, my mom called my uncle to see if he could pick us up. He said yes and was on his way going to save us! 🙂 After he came, we didn’t need to worry about anything. So my uncle and the cop who saved us, was basically our hero. That day was a day to remember.

  12. Sharon NguyenP.4 says:

    One day,my family decided to find a new house because we were living with our uncle and freeloading off him.My family spent weeks looking for a new house and finally found one.I wasn’t ready to move into a new home and I wasn’t really looking forward to it.I didn’t want to move because I loved my elementary school and I didn’t want to adapt to a new home.The moving day arrived,and we drove to the brand new home just about 20 minutes away.The first few days were uncomfortable for me,I didn’t feel like I was home and my neighbors were not friendly.I had to attend a new school,Anderson Elementary.While attending,I met my best friend,Emily.Overall,moving wasn’t so bad.

  13. Viet Nguyen says:

    4 period last 2 year i went to las vegas it was 7 hour til we get there half way there the car ran out of gas in the middle of nowere there was nobody there and only me and my parent and my older brother and we had to walk about 2 miles to find the nearest gas station when we got there we bought the gas and walk back again then we were ready to go it was horrible walking 😦

  14. nicolas castillo p.4 says:

    One time me and my family were going to universal stuido hollywood, but my we went on the wrong freeway and it almost took us a hour and fifteen min. and we stop and ask a men and he said we took the wrong turn and we went back and wennt in the right one and we got there at 7:55 and the park was going to close at 9:00 so we got mad but we is went to go a few ride then we left to get something to eat and we went back to my house and go to sleep.

  15. Lexie Burdelas p2. says:

    During the summer of 2010 i moved from ontario to here garden grove it was very unexpected for me. i was very devastated when i found out we were going to move because all my friends i knew scence kindergarden or even some from preschool mostly from first gade. so i moved here and i was very excited i live closer to the beach thats what i was looking forward to :). on my first day of school i was extremely nervous. until 3rd period p.e, these girls came up to me and they were really nice and now i hang out with them everyday at school and i really like school and all my teachers. even though moveing was hard it was nice for the change and its something i learned to deal with.

  16. Once we went to Tennessee and when we went to the airport to leave it turned out that our flight had been the day before. So we had to call my brother, it was his fault, and stayed at the airport for like an hour to straighten out the situation. We ended up paying 630 dollars a person because we got the tickets last minute.

  17. Amanda Duong says:

    This summer, I experienced my shortest vacation EVER. My family and I planned a trip to Las Vegas. It took us 4-5 hours to drive to Vegas. During the car ride one of my little sisters, Claire, got a little headache. That night, we just arrived at the hotel. I was soo pumped and ready to go shopping, swimming, bowiling, etc, but on that night, Claire started barfing because of the car sickness. Two hours later, she started heating up and got a fever because of the weather change. Of course we couldn’t stay in Vegas with a sick family member, it would have just sucked the fun out of every activity we did there, so the next day, we checked out and headed back home. We barely spent a day at Las Vegas, so the only activity I was able to participate in was swmming in the “Lazy River” at MGM Grand.

  18. Michael Tran P.3 says:

    I would like to tell you a recent Karma Story that has happen 😦 I moved in 7th grade but stayed in the school. After I finished 7th grade 8th grade is next. So during the summer I called the school to change my address for newsletter and etc but they said a Michael Tran isn’t in a specific address I told them and i told them that i don’t know what to do then. So they said to call Ocean View HS and ask them if I was in there district. Obviously NOT. And then I called the Garden Grove school district and they said I was in the North Side of Westminster and I should be going to McGarven Intermediate school. I WAS DEVASTATED! Then they agreed to let me finish Warner Middle school 8th grade because it was my last for that school. BUT, i would have to go to La Quinta High School NO MATTER WHAT! NOOOOO MY LIFE IS RUIN BECAUSE I THOUGHT MOVING WOULD BE A BETTER HOUSE THAN THE FORMER ONE WE HAD! NOW I AM DEAD ): ALONE IN THE COLD FRONTIER. BEING A STRANGER TO EVERYONE (Traumatized) :O

  19. Nicholas Van says:

    One day, I went with my mother to Wal-Mart and I did not want to go cause i was playing games… I really thought it was going to be boring. Turns out I got a new basketball, games, and Ipod.. I couldn’t tell anyone though haha.

  20. Christy Ly Period 5 says:

    Last summer, we were planning on going to Las Vegas for the last weekend of summer. My dad had work,which was to deliver newspaper at night, so for us to go he had to find a replacement. My dad ask a lot of people, but they all said that they couldn’t help, so we didn’t go to Las Vegas. The unexpected result was that we went to Seaworld instead!! We spend a whole day at Seaworld! It was very fun even though we didn’t went to Las Vegas!!

  21. Julie Contreras period 5 says:

    Once during winter my fanily and I moved here to Westminster and I thought that I wasn’t going to make any friends. I was the new kid,I read so many stories were no one ever talked to the new kids, so I thought that no one would talk to me ever. So, it was the first day and it was time for recess and a girl named Charlotte and she asked if I wanted to play doge ball with her. I was happy that someone talked to me. Charlotte and I became firends , the I got more and more friends during the year.

  22. Warrick Thatcher Period: 5 says:

    One day,My family and I decided to go to Las Vegas.So we start driving and it took us 4-7 hours to get there. Once we got there, we start setting down our bags in our room, We also got a nice view from our room.So my family and I plan that we are going to the amusement parks downstair.As soon as we went downstair the secreuty told us that the amusement parks was closed because we were to late.I was very shocked because I want to go on the rides.So on the next day We went to the amusement parks and the carnival.

    -Warrick Thatcher

  23. Tiffany Nguyen Period 3 says:

    One day, I was supposed to go to The Block. My dad is usually very good at directions, but this time was different. We were supposed to go on the CA-22 East freeway, but my dad thought that it was CA-22 West. So after we drove onto the West Freeway, my family finally realized that we were going to opposite way that we were supposed to. So it took us about 10 minutes to get off the freeway. After we got off the freeway, we missed the CA-22 East Freeway again! We had driven past the freeway. We, then, had to drive about 5 minutes to find a U-turn and go on to the East freeway. Took us about 35-45 minutes to get there in all. It was a confusing experience.

  24. ramsey thatcher per:3 says:

    One night my parents told me “we’re go to moved to california” when they told me i was excited and nervous.When our flight took off and most of the time i was sleeping in the plane.When we arrive i visit my cousins and we headed to a restrurant to eat cause i was hungry.When we arrived at the the sign said i was closed cause it was late at night.So i went to my cousin house to get some sleep.In Setember i was nervous for school.When school started i meet new people and that was the best day for me . THE end 🙂
    -ramsey thatcher per:3

  25. Tina Pham Per.3 says:

    When i went camping at Lost Valley for scouts. We had to mix with other Scout Troops when we played the games , so at first i was scared that i wouldn’t make any friends, but it turns out that i made more then one friend ! 😀 and the games were really fun too .

  26. Samson Pham says:

    One time during the summer i was going on a trip to River Side to meet my friend. During the drive on the freeway my little brother got car sick and wanted to barf. My family and I didn’t want to stop the trip, so my dad drove to the closest resting point where it had a restroom so my little brother can go do his business. After my little brother was done we continued the trip to River Side. When we got there my family went shopping for silvenier, while i was hanging out with my friend. That was the best time i ever had with my friend.

  27. Kaylyn Thiebert Period 3 says:

    Recently these past couple years my cousin Adrienne has been taking me and my sister school shopping. Which is cool because we get things done for school and get out of the house and we get to visit her [which doesn”t happen rarely ever]. With her we get the cutest and most stylish clothes with in reason for prices. My mom likes that we get what we need but wants to go with us because she rarely ever gets out of the house or “spends one on one time with us.BUt we told her we would rather go with our cousin because we rarely spend time with her. So mom was mad because she felt left out which makes me feel guilty because it was our decision whether or not she came. The reason we didn”t want her to come was because she is sorta cheap and doesn”t like the same things we do. So by going shopping and getting what needs to be done,done we are hurting my moms feelings.:[

  28. During the summer my Aunt Lupe came to the U.S. for her first time, so are family was taking her everywhere to all these cool places, and one day my sister woke me up real early in the morning so i was really tired and she told me we were going to Disneyland. i told her i didn’t want to go because I was tired so she told me that i had to go because nobody’s going to watch me. So i got up and went to Disneyland and had a great time with my family.

  29. Zach Maciel Per.4 says:

    Once when my family were on our way to vegas 2 years ago. We left early at 8 am in the morning. We had a couple of stops for food and restroom breaks. On the freeway my mom was in a compeltly rush so she got caught for a speeding ticket. She never paid attention to the freeway signs and the speed limit. So we ended up in Laughlin, Nevada which is about four hours from Las Vegas. So we had to book a room for a night to stay in a hotel which was the worst hotel i have seen in my experience. So it was a bad consequence.

  30. Robert Huynh p2 says:

    I was 11 when i went with my family on a road trip to Indiana. My dad wanted to drive their by his truck which took 3 days.Driving to Indiana was the worst experienced i ever had because i was stuck in a car for 3 days straight with barely any sleep.While going to Indiana my dad and I stayed awake most of the time , as we were going my dads car made a loud noise in the back.Supposedly the supplies that we had in the back of the truck fell down but when we checked on it , it was only the straps that lost grip and broke.Overall going to Indiana and living their for 1 year was pretty fun because i had my family over their with me and some new friends.

  31. I remember one day in first grade are class was ready to go on a field trip to a zoo/farm. So when we got in the bus we were all excited to go. then once we got to the zoo/farm there was a sign that said it was closed. After that are teacher felt kinda bad so we found a little grass area, took are lunches out and had ourselves a little picnic.

  32. Judy Pham, period 02 says:

    One time, my family and I were going to Las Vegas. I was really excited for the vacation because I thought that I was going to get to go to fun places. When I got there, I was too young to go to all the fun places that I imagined. For most of my trip, I just ended up walking around. The only fun part of my trip was that I got to watch a water show at a hotel.

  33. Naomi Pham says:

    One time, my dad and I went to Albertson’s to look for some mochi ice cream (I love mochi ice cream)! When my dad and I got out from the store, he started the car. The car didn’t respond, so he tried to start the engine again. It turned out the car’s battery died, so we were stuck in the parking lot for quite a while. We had to call my mom to come and help charge the car battery. We waited for 20 minutes and my mom finally came to save the day! My mom helped charged his car battery with some cables connecting from her car’s battery to my dad’s battery and off we drove. It wasted part of my day and time to hang out with my friends.

  34. Long Nguyen p6 says:

    This one time, my family decided to go Las Vegas from Friday til Monday. I hated going places with my family so i knew this was going to be a bad trip. The road trip there was already bad because it was hot and we were cramped in a car. The first thing we did when we got there was eat. The food was good and we went to put our stuff in the hotel. The day got fun when we got to Circus Circus and so on. That turned out to be the best family trip.

  35. Guadalupe Cortez P.4 says:

    Once morning I woke up got ready for school. then when I was all ready to go to school, my sister told my that there was no school that day because it was a vacation, but the only good thing about that was I had an early docters oppointment, so I did not get ready for no reson.

  36. Hser Nay Moo per. 6 says:

    This summer i went to Indiana to meet my aunt. It was my first time going their by planes. I went their with my mom and my cousin. In our way, we don’t know where to go and we were worried. So i asked people to help us find our way to the gate. in the plane was fun. I like it when it take off and when it landed. When we were their we wait for my aunt and uncle to come and pack us up out side. When i saw them, i fell happy to meet them. I met my old friends, too. We have lots of fun their. We went to the farm, and in the lake to fish. My friends and i have lots of fun. that was the best time i ever had in my life.

  37. Martin Tran Period 3 says:

    A few years ago, I went to Las Vegas, and stayed at the Stratosphere Hotel, near the end of the Las Vegas strip. When we first arrived, we were starving, so we decided to walk to the Bellagio to eat the buffet there, because we heard it was amazing. My dad said Las Vegas was very small and it would just take moments to walk there. Little did we know, we walked from early morning to noon, and still hadn’t gotten there. After we arrived and ate joyfully, we dreaded the thought that we had to walk the whole way back to the hotel. My dad decided to call up a taxi, and the taxi drove us all the way up to the hotel, no traffic or anything in about 5 minutes. It was a horrible way to waste a whole day during a vacation.

  38. Ayana Tran p2 says:

    Back when I was really young, there was a time when my parents were going to have a divorse. They were going to split up and make me decide on who to go with. I freaked out just a little a bit, but I didn’t really even cry or yell at them, asking for an explanation like a normal kid would do. It was mostly because they’ve had a divorse before I was born and got back together. After that, they’ve always said that they were still with each other because of me. Instead of picking someone, I ran to my friend’s home, called my parents, and than told them that I wouldn’t go home until they made up. I forgot about caller ID and so, my parents came and picked me up. But off course I wouldn’t just give up there. I spent the whole the day trying to convince my parents to stay with each other, and somehow I succeeded.

  39. Chris Bello p.6 says:

    One day i went with my brother and my cousin to Six Flags Magic Mountain, We got there like at 10 hoping to get a short line on the rides. To our dismay, there was no line at all ‘ we all thought about it for a while and came up with an idea. We thought it opened late that day. We were all hungry so we went looking for a fast food place we looked at Carl’s Jr. & a McDonald’s around the area, but they were closed too. We decided to look it online so we went on the internet but we couldn’t find anything. So then i looked at my phone calendar and that’s when i realized it was December 25th. I told them because we had all forgotten it was Christmas, so we got in the car and drove for two hours until we got home.

  40. Zach Maciel Period 4 says:

    Once two years ago on our way to vegas for summer vacation. It all started when my mom got us up early so we could beat morning traffic. She got us up at 730 and we left at 800. Halfway through the trip my mom wasnt paying any attention to the traffic signs. So she could pay attention to the road. Then she passed the speed limit by a lot. She got a ticket. Next thing you know we ended up on the wrong freeway to vegas. We were in laughlin Nevada which is 4 hours from vegas. So we booked a night at hotel which caused us a lot of money for a cheapy hotel room which was bad. But, next morning we ended up leaving laughlin to Vegas which we had a great time.

  41. Andy Nguyen Per. 6 says:

    One day when I was ready for school. I got there and we realized that school didn’t even start until next week! We were all dressed so we gone to buy more stuff for school. When school actually started I had the most items in the entire class.

  42. Patrick Tran P.5 says:

    One time me and my family were going back from Lake Tahoe in Central California.The G.p.s told us to go into the woods and we got lost.After a few hours we found a nice enough person to tell us how to get out of the woods.Later That day the G.P.S told us to go some where and we ended up in Carson City,Nevada!!!Then about five hours later O finally got home, its was a really tiring and unintened

  43. Robert Arechiga per.6 says:

    we were going to las vegas I was so exided I pland all of the thing I was going to do.
    we got every thing we needed we drove with my cusin we were going with are ant.
    but my mom saw the weather and she sed it was to hot to go and then we just went to sanfricisco.

  44. Nina Pham p.3 says:

    When I first came to Warner, I never had thought that I would make friends with anyone in P.E., because my friend, Tina was in the same P.E. period as me. Now you see there is a problem. Tina was in Ms. Fields’s class while I was in Mr. Bertotti’s class. So, there is pretty much no one that I really know in my P.E. class. A few days after the first day of school, there was someone that got reclassified to my P.E. class. Her name was Vanessa. I said hi to Vanessa one day. She said,” Hi.” and walk away. I thought she didn’t want me around,so I didn’t talk to her that day. The next day she went up to me and said,”Hi, I’m Vanessa. I’m sorry for walking away like that. You want to be friends.” I said,”Sure, I’ll be your friend.” From that day on, Vanessa became my friend. Later on, I became friends with Gloria.

  45. Brian Nguyen P.3 says:

    One time when we to go to fishing at the pier on saturday for 4 hours, it was going to be really fun, but my parents forgot that there was a some kind of surfing contest. We spent an hour looking for a parking space and everything was full, so we pretty much went to the store and bought ice crem. I bought Mochi ice cream, I just really love it, even though it’s something I don’t eat alot. I still REALLY like Mochi Ice Cream. After we ate ice cream, we just went home and did nothing, so sad.

  46. Berlin Mai P.2 says:

    On my 12th birthday ( Friday) my whole family had to drive from Las Vegas, Nevada (where i lived) to California to go see my grandma in the hospital. We waited for like 5 hours just to get to the hospital and then like another 6 hours in the waiting room watching and visiting my grandma. My family, except my mom, left to go to where my family was staying. At around 1:30 in the morning my mom came home and said that my grandma had passed away on December 13, 2008 at 1:13 a.m.<3 😦 Of course i was sad but since we were all tired we couldnt drive back to Las Vegas. Therefore my birthday party i had planned for that day had to be canceled and i was very disappointed. 😦 Its okay though because i can have other parties (:

  47. Gloria Dockham - Period # 5 says:

    My mom, sister, and I all went to visit my aunt in Ariona…The trip to arizona, by car, is supposed to be 6 hours. Our Gps Had been put on a setting so that it wouldn’t want us to make “U turns”. We exited the freeway for a gasoline/potty break. when we went to get back on the freeway, not only did my mom accidentaly break my sunglasses, we got on a diffrent freeway not realizing that it wasnt the right one. So, instead of heading up to phenix….WE WERE HEADING UP TO KINGMAN!! it added an extra SIX HOURS to our, already, six our trip!! When we got there it was 10 at night and it felt great to just dip into my Aunts naturally warm pool!

  48. Alexis Sutterman says:

    Hello! It’s Alexis from period 3! And I’m here to tell you about an unintended consequence that I experienced this summer.
    Okay, let me begin. Last year, I earned straight A’s in school. Because of that, my dad offered to take me on a special trip and I chose to go to Catalina Island. I was so excited because we were getting there by boat and coming back by helicopter! How cool is that? Anyway, I spent a lot of time researching about things (like parasailing, or going on the zip line tour, or going on a semi-submarine ride, etc…) we can do at Catalina Island. I had all my data printed out, my outfit chosen, and my supplies packed. I couldnt wait!
    Finally, when it was the day to go to the Island, I was totally ecstatic! We drove to the place where the boat would be boarded (45 minutes early!), but to our dismay, it was empty. We eventually found somebody that explained that the boating deck was actually 10 minutes away from where we were. At that point, we raced to the car and drove to where she told us it was. I felt horrible because I thought we would be late! Plus, I was feeling something weird in my stomach… Aw, probably nothing, I thought. We were able to get on the boat in perfect timing and everybody was so happy. Except… my stomach was starting to feel worse and worse… And the boat wasnt even moving yet! When the boat finally started going, I couldnt take it anymore! I ran to the bathroom and threw up. EW. I know. I ended up staying in the bathroom the whole (50 minute) ride with the most horrible pain you can ever imagine. When we got off the boat, I was struggling to walk far enough before starting to throw up again in the plastic bag they gave me. Ugh!

    ANYWAY, to make a long story short, we ended up going to the little hospital they had at the Island, and after a laying down, and taking some medicine, I quickly started feeling better. I eventually felt good enough to nibble on a bunch of saltine crackers and we drove around the island in a little golf cart. It was beautiful and fun. My dad also let me buy some souveniers including a bracelet and sweater. Then, a few hours later we had a totally awesome adventure returning home on a HELICOPTER!
    So, yes, my stomach illness did ruin most of the trip, but hey it wasnt that bad!

    -I hope I didnt bore you with such a long response! Sorry!-

  49. kristine nguyen per 5 says:

    well let see on day my parents and i were going on a trip to visit my cousin but then the car run out of gas. We were afraid that their will be no more gas and we will have to push. the drive was like 6 to 7 hours away and we just got on the freeway. I’m like oh no what do we do. likely we got there on time and everything is good

  50. Jason Nguyen says:

    One day me and my family decided to go to Las vegas to celebrate my uncle’s son’s birthday there.In the morning about 7 o’clock we got everything we needed,we ate at a resturant before we began our trip.when my dad was driving on the freeway a driver accidently crashed onto my dad’s car.We had to drive to toyota to make some repairs.Then it got late so we drove home decided to cebrate the birthday at my house.

  51. Thaomi period 6 says:

    For our last Saturday before school starts again, me and a few of my friends decided to go to the beach. We thought that people will be busy since school was so close by and one of my friend said she needs a tan. We wanted it to be prefect so we spend almost two hours getting ready. When we got there, the whole beach was packed! It seems america had the same idea. We moved one stot up every since 10 minutes. We stayed in traffic for HOURSSSSS. Well, it felt that way. In the end, my friend’s mom went nuts and we ended up moping in her living room drinking oreo shakes. On the bright side my friend did got her tan, but in the car insted of the beach.

  52. Yun Kang Period 3 says:

    In the third grade, we were going on a field trip at school. I was in a bus where I barely knew anybody. I was the last one to step into it, and there was only one seat left. It was next to a girl named Celina. At first, she was really mean. When I introduced myself to start a conversation, she told me not to talk to her. It was a bit irritating when she said that, because I was just trying to be nice. I told her she was being rude and she started yelling at me. After a couple rude comments, I decided that I hated her. (Skipping the conversation and what we did during the field trip) On the way back to school, I had to sit next to her AGAIN. When I sat down, she told me she was sorry. I told her it was okay, and we started a nice conversation that lasted throughout the whole ride back to school. In the end, the girl I hated became one of my best friends.

  53. Cindy Truong Period 3 says:

    On my mom’s friend’s birthday, my mom told my dad and I to go get her a brithday cake like the kind we ate last time, because my mom was at work that day. The cake that my mom was talking about had flan and taro in it, so my dad and I went to that bakery. We told the lady the kind of cake we wanted, because it wasn’t on display. She wrote down our order and told us to pick it up at 5:00 pm. At five, we arrived at the bakery and my mom told us to meet her at the restaurant by six after we got the cake. My dad and I went home to put the cake in the fridge, so that it wouldn’t melt. At six, we got in the car and drove to the restaurant.
    In the restaurant, we pretty much ate and talked. When it was almost time to go home, we decided to open the cake and sing “Happy Birthday” to her. When the cake was open, I got a glimpse of it along with my parents and to our surprise, it was the wrong cake! They put fruits on top of it instead of frostings. My mom was furious. My dad and I didn’t know what to say, so the car ride home was pretty quite until my mom’s phone rang that is. She picked it up and said “Hello”; my mom’s friends immediately asked her where she bought the cake, because it was very delicous. After hanging up, my mom told my dad and I the good news. We were all shocked for a moment. I was so happy that I started bragging and saying words like “See, I told you.” and “Aha!” That was the end of my unintended consequence story.

  54. Peter Nguyen Per. 4 says:

    One time at my family and I went to the Grand Canyon for the summer. It took four hours to get there and back and we parked in a huge park lot. We went to the place with the huge U-shape on the side of the Grand Canyon. It was called the Sky Walker and it could support up to 2,000 pounds. You could see beautiful sights of the canyon. After looking at it for three hour and we went back to the car, but we forgot where the car was. So we spent one and a half hour looking for the car in the hot sun. Then, when we for the car we went back home, but there was traffic that took four and a half hour. We were tried because of the drive, but it was fun until we forget where the car was.

  55. Michelle ho Per3. says:

    It was a Saturday and i was waiting for my dad to take me over to his house (every other weekend) to go to Knot’s with my brother, Richard! Unfortunately he was sick. He apologized to me because he knew i was looking forward to that Saturday. That afternoon i decided to kick it at my friends house. So i took my bike and went to Diana Dao’s place. We went to the movies and the mall, and had a sleep over with Hien N. (:

  56. Angie Rayo says:

    It was August 25, 2010, it was my birthday we were going to go to Knotts Berry Farm! I have been planning this trip for a month. On the 25th it looked like it was going to rain, I change my mind about going to Knotts. I tried to convince my mom to not go, but it didn’t worked. When we got there it was the best day of my life! Good thing we didn’t stay home.

  57. Matthew Tran says:

    During the last week of summer, my family and I went on a road trip to Nevada. Unfortunately, the traffic was huge and probably was over 5 miles long. I waited, and waited, and waited for hours in the scorching heat. Finally, I then found out what caused the traffic… Apparently, some person had left a torn up mannequin on the freeway which took the attention of the many drivers which led to a car accident. Soon the police and fire department showed up to clear the debris. Our family had to stay at a motel until the mess was cleared. Now, every time i see a mannequin, I am reminded of my misfortunate road trip.

  58. Jenny Le (Per.3) says:

    One unintended consequence that has happened very recently starts off like this. On Sept 8th, I was assigned a project that would be due on Sept.14, which is today in math class. The project was really simple. All you had to do was fnd any picture, label the geometric terms and write the defintitions, or so I thought. On the day that I was finally done wth my project, I found out that we needed a real life picture, as in a landscape or something similar to that. I had chosen a little cartooon cat made with blocks for a JCPenney commercial and that was not considered real. The day that I found this out was the day right before it was due. I was extremly frustrated and didn’t want to do it over at all. I put lots of effort in this poster and I didn’t want to redo it. Still I had to and I did. This time however, it didn’t take as long and it wasn’t as difficult to do. The unintended consequence that happened was that I ended remembering the definitions for the terms since I written them down so many times. So I was able to learn the terms at the same time.

  59. Cindy Wong P.3 says:

    Hey, this summer was fun for me, as you can tell from my earlier reply on summer. But there was some unwritten things that happened that cruise that I didn’t mention, since my vacation was pretty good overall. I’m ready to spill the beans though, because that unexpected consequence DEFINITELY comes into play here!

    On the earlier reply on summer, I told you that I went to Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan, but I didn’t tell you I ALMOST went to Cabo San Lucas. Because our ship was going to Cabo, docking would be different then how we docked at the other ports. In Cabo, the pier was too small for the ship to get in so they would have to take us in small boats, or better well known as tenders to the pier. The day before we docked, we planned and paid for an underwater submarine trip to see creatures under the Sea of Cortez and the Land’s End Ark. The tickets were pretty pricey, so we were hoping they were worth it.

    The ship was docked at Cabo San Lucas at 7 o’clock in the morning. My family had woken up at six that morning to prepare for an fantastic day on the beaches and underwater life of Cabo San Lucas. We were looking forward to a great day, when a ship wide announcement turned our smiles upside down.

    Our Cruise director, John, told us that they apologized, but they couldn’t let ANYONE into the tenders. He said the waves were rocking too much and it was way too dangerous for anybody to get onto the tenders. The captain said that he worried more about our safety then anything else, so we continued on our journey back to Long Beach, and it was another day for us at sea. As for our tickets, they were fully refunded. I was really disappointed that we didn’t get to go to Cabo, but the cruise staff played a movie in the lounge to make up for the unexpected turn of plans. Our smiles came back after a couple minutes of the movie, “Up in the Air”, starring George Clooney. If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend you do so if you’re looking for a worthwhile and hilarious movie to watch.

    This unexpected turn in plans wasn’t great, but I was glad the ship did something to make up for it.

  60. Laura Nguyen Per. 3 says:

    It was about 4 years ago, my dad’s side of the family went to New York City. Before we went there, our aunt told us that we’re going to stay in a hotel right across The New York Times building located in Time Square. While we were on our way, I was imagining that the hotel was clean, big, & I thought there was a nice guest service. When we got there, I saw the hotel and it was HORRIBLE!!!!! Our room was so small that we felt like we were in a sardine can, but the terror wasn’t over, when I was unpacking me toothbrush in the restroom, the shower wall was all moldy and I saw a roach running across the floor!!! But the trip is worth it, because we saw Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, & Super Toys ‘r’ Us.
    It was the best vacation ever!!!!

  61. marvin pham p:e says:

    I was doing my own buisness one day and my dad asked me to help carry stuff out of the attic. We were taking out stuff until he randomly told me “If you drop this, you’ll never go outside again!”. That was really unexpecting to me. I took precaution of ever next box he gave me to put on the floor. I was scared so much!

  62. Pati Maia Per. 5 says:

    This I went to see a museum about the presidents of the United States. I also went to other museums about the Chineese culture.

  63. Lilian Nguyen , Period 3 . says:

    One summer day , me and my friends decided to have a water balloon fight . We got all the balloons pumped with water and waited for everyone to change to their bathing suits. Waiting for the people to finished pumping , two of my friends were already throwing balloons at each other . One of them walked backwards and knocked over one of the buckets with a lot of the balloons , popping all the water balloons ! We lost most of our balloons and the water balloon fight was a disaster. What a waste of time ! 😦

  64. Sean Nguyen period 4 says:

    well i remember when i was little i had to move to somewhere in garden grove and i was scared. i was only 4 i was nervous about that. when i was outside playing with my sister i meet a boy named Steven Pham. and we where best friends since forever. well my family didn’t really have a unintended consequence.

  65. Manny Hernandez p.5 says:

    One day, my friend, John L, asked me if I could go to the movies on Saterday. I replied I could to him and so it was planned. The next day, it was Saterday, 2:00 at my house. I called my friend if he was still going to go and that I was going to pick him up. He told me he couldnt go because of his stupid parents (He literally told me that). I said crap then asked if he could go tomorrow and said yes for sure. My mom told me if I wanted to rent a movie and I said sure. My favorate movie, 2012, was there at Movie Q and I rented that and had a good time watching it. (:

  66. Katherine Ho P.3 says:

    Maybe 3 or 4 years ago, on the way to Las Vegas, apparently there had been some sort of road block before the exit to Barstow; cause was unknown. Instead, my dad took a turn on one lonely road that was supposedly connected to the freeway we were already lost on and…was even more lost.
    IT was desert, a plain deserted desert road, exactly what’d you see in a movie by definition of deserted road. A bit later, we pulled in to an old, old gas station (with and old fashioned police car parked by) and asked the locals there. Really, it was an old gas station, again like what you’d see in old cowboy/wrangler movies. Gas pumps still had those tick counters instead of digital ones.
    Old man there said to continue down the road until you reach Las Vegas; no time given. And so we did.
    One hour, two, one car, two, but never more.

    I have felt never so alone in my life.
    occasional tumbleweeds…
    some crows/vultures overhead…
    sandstorms in the distance…

    But we made it somehow to Vegas. Afterwards the car turned from light blue to a layer of orange-yellow color.

    Basically, we’d crossed the Mojave Desert. Thank goodness it wasn’t at night.

  67. chris viola per 2 says:

    well me and my mom desided to get a cat unfortunatley it died at 2 and my mom got very sad. so my moms friend had little pups the were chewawas and he gave u one for my mom and my b-days since are b-days a week apart. we named him spike and my mom got happey the only down side is spike to that is just a big pain in the but like all the time. hes still my dog thoe and im glad to hav him

  68. Lilian Lieu p6. says:

    during summer 2010, i went to oceanside with my family to have a party with my relatives , and i thought it was gonna be boring because all i ever do is sit down . eat and watch my family talk. I thought wrong, because later on that night i played games, ate food, went bike riding & saw my cousins i haven’t seen for awhile. overall, the party was great.

  69. Demi Ma says:

    Two years ago, I step foot in Warner Middle School for the first time ever. I was terrified out of my mind. I assumed that wouldn’t know anybody except my 4 friends who transferred here with me from Schmitt Elementary. I was afraid that I would get lost and be late, make no new friends, and lots more. But as the day grew on, I thought, “Oh, this isn’t so bad now, is it?”
    All 4 friends had every class with me-except pre-algebra. As I bid farewell to my companions and started towards room 22A, I was experiencing that gut-wrenching feeling I had in the morning. “Who is the teacher? Is she going to be nice? Will the 7th graders make fun of me? Who else will be in there that I know?” I tortured myself, mulling over these questions as I approached the door of room 22A. I slid into one of the last seats available just when the bell rang. I looked around, searching for any familiar faces. Aha! I recognized 3 people from my morning classes who were chatting away merrily. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to join them since I was sitting in the back of the classroom and they were in the front. As the class slowly started to quiet down, our teacher Mrs. Roehling opened her mouth to speak. “Hi. Welcome, everybody. I’m Mrs. Roehling. I hope you guys had a fun day so far,” she said. We interviewed the person we sat next to. It was pretty fun. After math, I had lunch and finished my day with a warm welcome to tech lab and a very peppy and bright teacher in P.E.
    Overall, I had a pretty exciting day. It certainly wasn’t what I expected it to be. What I thought would be a terrifyingly gloomy day turned out to be a fun, refreshing day here at Warner Middle School.

  70. David Flores pre.5 says:

    Let me tell you a time i went Disny Landand it did not turn out like I thouhgt it would.It was a sunday morning about 6:00 or 6:30 every one was excited. But not me because I wanted to go to Kots Bary Farm. Then we got their I got on all of the rides it turn out fun and all of my familyand me had a grate time. That is a time I went to Disny Land.

  71. jesus barranco period 6 says:

    once i went to the wrong soccer team. And i thought i was in the right one and my real coach kept on calling my house. The next day my original coach aproached me and told me if my name was jesus. and i said yes and he told me that he was my coach. and thats one of the biggest accidents that i have done

  72. Rocio Escamilla says:

    One time i called my sister the wrong name. I call my sister karina sometimes i call her cindy too. that was my biggest mistake.

  73. Kristie Le Per: 4 says:

    Well, My cousin was having a wedding in Vietnam. My aunt got us all excited saying there would be lots of celebration and snacks. So my family got all packed up getting ready to go. We were waiting for the envelope to come to be able to go in. It finally arrived so we went on the plane (which was so much fun up there). When we got off the plane and took a train to my grandmas house for the wedding to start, we ended up 4 days late because of the late notice. That sucked. Thats all ]:<

    Kristie Le

  74. natalie magana period 2 says:

    so i used to live in the san fernando valley! about a year ago on september 5th, 2009. we finally settled into were i live right now. i was super scared i wouldnt make any friends. but as thee days went by i had lots of friends! but i still wanted to go back! i allways complained to my parents. now that i think about it i dont why . i love it in midway city. i love the weather i love the people and now i dont want to move bak to the valley. i want to go to westminster high school. and i cant wait. so now that i think about it some more i think my family and i made a good choise when chossing westminster!

  75. Kenneth Le Period 2 says:

    During summer my parents told me we were going on a boat somewhere I didn’t want to go on a boat because I though it would be boring in the ocean. But my parents took me and my little brother and I had fun on the boat i made some friends and I played laser tag. I also enjoyed their breakfast, lunch, and dinner they had gourmet food for dinner my favorite dinner was steak. But I had to leave like a week after I never though being on a boat could be so much fun.

  76. Antonio Salgado says:

    One day mom told me that we were going to Long Beach Aquarium. So we all got dressed up and headed their. We got their at 8:00 a.m. Something acured it was closed and our tickets was expired. Everybody came up with a great idea. they said lets go to Hometown Buffet, so we headed out their. We all got inside and got our seats. Every on tried to eat everything that was their, but we got full so we headed to our home. So that my story.

  77. Antonio Salgado period 5 says:

    One day my parents told me that we were going to Long Beach Aquarium. So the next morning we wooked up and got dressed. We headed out their but something we wrong it was closed and our tickets were expired already. so evervy body came up witih a great idea, we all said we should go to Hometown Buffet. Every body went inside and sat down. Evey one started to eat and having a good time. After everybody was full we paid and went home to relax. So that’s my story.

  78. julie phoummavanh says:

    Me and my friends went hiking one hot day . When we came back we were sweating hot . We ran out of water and we were starving . when everyone stepped into the car my mom was starting the engine. But , instead we heard the engine screech like somebody was scratching or pushing their fingers toward of the car scratching it . Then i knew it was the battery . We stayed outside the car because it was like over 100 degrees in there . Our stomachs were talking to us , and we were thristy . we had to wait there for 1 and half hour . All we did there was txt and talk in the hot firey sun . But ,thankgoodnees my mom called triple a to come save the day .

  79. well one day i went to the park and we go outside and i see it raining .
    so what we did i s since we have ,
    a little brother we went to chuck e cheese ,
    aha was fun but then i really wanted to go to the park.
    and a other time was when it was a party and
    we got a adress wrong !
    so we called and called and finaalyy we ot a called .
    so they said it was a other week not this one but the other one.!
    well thats my thingg
    victor bye im cool!!!!

  80. Vincent Vu per.3 says:

    One day, my family decided to go to Las Vegas. I didn’t to go, because I rather be with my friends. Eventually, I had to go. I only stayed for three days. It took very long to get there, but it turned out better than I expected. I had a lot of fun. I won some prizes. It was a unintended consequence for me. I actually had fun.

  81. alex vazquez says:

    once when i lived with my family in garden grove i strugeled with them cause we had to come live here in westminster leaving all my friends behind was so hard and my brothers also there friends but when i had arived here in westminster i met some one new from stacey and sh turned me around we treat eachother like brother and sister she goes to whs her first year there thats the time i struggeled for the first time

  82. Kenny Park per-3 says:

    So in the summer we decided to get a dog. We checked out some dogs from the internet and such. We loved taking care of our cousin’s dog, but my parents heard from our cousin that dogs cost a ton of money and time. so my parents decided not to get one. I was disappointed, but when I heard the news when we were going to get a cat, I wasn’t that sad. So, in the end, we got a cat instead of a dog. We had to give away the cat since it was so sick.

  83. Jenny Do Per.2 says:

    I moved to a new house and a new school, when i was about 8 years old. I missed all my old friends and im pretty sure they missed me too. The new house was pleasant but the schoool wasnt. I had no friends, I pretty much was by myself for 3 weeks sitting at the lunch table eating grosss lunch food. Nobody wanted to talk to me and i hated going to school, I was always by myself. But, one day I had brang my turtle for show intel, everyone kid was squirming and jealous they thought i was so cool though. So, what end up happening was that every kid wanted to be my friend and the new move was worth it.

  84. My unintended consequential experience that I had was on April 30th, 2 years ago- at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA. I got to see many of the exhibits in the building, like learning how a tsunami is triggered, I felt how a hurricane felt inside a hurricane simulator, earthquake simulator; I got to try out how to create electrical static, and all the other exhibits that were in the center.
    For some reason, I got sick, it must have been from something in the center- but I started having a shortness of air, I was continually passing out, and I felt pain everywhere. Soon after that, I was in a knocked out state for about an hour. Of all the field trips I’ve had in my life, this had to be the worst one. Unfortunately this trip had to go awry, my day was bad enough as it was, this was the last thing I needed.

  85. Jose de leon says:

    One day before fourth of july my family had bought a lot of expensive fireworks. We were going to celebrate at a park at San Pedro with my cousins. When the day came we got ready and left. Ater being at my house playing in their pool it was night,then head of to the park with our family and fireworks. when we got there the park was closed so we couldnt use it to do the fireworks.That was a waist of money so we had to watch people at a place were it was fool and couldnt do it there either.Next fourth of july it was better than ever and we used the fireworks from last year.

  86. Khanh Nghiem P3 says:

    My unintended consequential experience that I had was a couple weeks ago. It was a family party, and I was not excited. I am usually lonely at family parties because I’m the youngest one, and all my older cousins hang out with each other. I get ready and headed off to the party. I was nervous, because I knew I was going to be playing by myself. When I arrived, I greeted the adults and ate food. After I ate, I went to the family room and saw my little baby cousins. I was happy, because they were so cute. I played with them, and they seemed happy playing with me. When it was time to go home, I didn’t want to. I had too much fun with them. That was my unintended consequence. I thought I was going to be alone, but I was having a blast at the party.

  87. Kevin Vu per 3 says:

    one time when i was 3 i got another sister, then a couple of years later we started fighting then we got along. The End

  88. Kevin Vu per 3 says:

    the unintended consequence is that it took a while for us to get along

  89. Amy Cardona P6 says:

    Well me and my family barly moved here to Wesminster.We’ve been living here about two years already.When my mom first told me that we where going to move i was nervous and not happy about it.I was nervous because i was going to a new school and didn’t known anyone.It was my first day of school I wasn’t to excited.The school i was going to was Warner Middle School.My mom drop me of from school i walked in and, i felt werid.I felt like everyone was staring at me i keeped walking and try to ignore it.The bell just rang and I went to my homeroom class found a sit then sat down.I went to every class didnt talk to no one and finally it was lunch.After getting my lunch i sat next to these group of people and started talking to them.They sounded like their good people and nice to.When we all finish eating we went to the feild and hanged out.I was actually haveing fun with them until the bell rang.I went to my next class and saw I had one of the girls i was hanging out had a class with me.Finally school was over i was so happy my mom was waiting for me to pick me up she said”How was your first day of school?”.I said”I actually had a good time i made new friends.”

  90. Phuong Ho period6 says:

    well, today me and my parents decide to have a good day and decided to go to the mall. The whole time was great and it was time to go home. When we got home, my dad was trying to open the garage door with that remote thingy. It did not work. We were locked out. Sadly, what happen is that my parents did not bring the front door key with them, and instead of our garage door opening, our neighbor’s door repsonde instead. my dad end up having to borrow a ladder to climb over and open the door thats connected to the garage or else we would till be outside now.

  91. Monica Ha says:

    Once upon a time, my family was planning on going to Vegas for summer vacation. We were looking for hotels to stay at and found one. It wasn’t the best, but the price was pretty low. Afterwards, we decided we could survive at the place for a week, so we made a reservation. WE WERE WRONG!!! First, they got the room ready an hour late. Then, when we got to the room, there weren’t enough beds for all of us. I had to sleep on the floor the whole week. During that week, I found two beer cans under one of the beds. Did I mention I was only seven years old at this time? In the end, we did survive the week, but it wasn’t exactly the most fun we’ve ever had.

  92. Monica Ha period 5 says:

    Once upon a time, my family was planning on going to Vegas for summer vacation. We were looking for hotels to stay at and found one. It wasn’t the best, but the price was pretty low. Afterwards, we decided we could survive at the place for a week, so we made a reservation. WE WERE WRONG!!! First, they got the room ready an hour late. Then, when we got to the room, there weren’t enough beds for all of us. I had to sleep on the floor the whole week. During that week, I found two beer cans under one of the beds. Did I mention I was only seven years old at this time? In the end, we did survive the week, but it wasn’t exactly the most fun we’ve ever had.

    P.S. I uploaded it again because I forgot to put my period.Sorry.

  93. Robert Le p.3 says:

    One summer when I was about 7 years old, my family and I decided to go to San Diego Zoo to see animals there.We expected to see a lot of animals there. When we got there it was around noon since it took about 2 hours to get there. When we saw the animals, most of them were sleeping and lazing around. We didn’t get to see much of the animals since they were all mostly sleeping. The whole time we walked around the whole zoo to see nothing but sleeping animals. We then decided to go home and it was boring since I had nothing to do for 2 hours in the car.

  94. Nicholas Nguyen Period 6 says:

    one time, about 2 years ago, me and my dad were at like a wedding, and it was soon about to end in about 7 minutes or so. I was helping my dad pack all his equipment to the car and to put the equipment in the trunk. While I was waiting in the passenger seat, my dad was turning on the car and the car started, but it turned right back off all of a sudden. Unfortunately, when my dad popped up the hood, the battery died out. So, then my dad asking his friend if he could put some of his power source into our car. Once everything was set, my dad turned on the car, it turned on, but sadly the alarm was going off and our windshields were going off along with the sounds. We had to drive home with all that and i was nervous if a cop saw us he would pull us over, but it turns out it was a fun ride back home with all those people looking at us!

  95. Steven Hoang Per.2 says:

    There was this one time that i went to my cousin’s birthday party. We were in the car at Costco waiting for his mom to get us pizza. We got bored so we turned on the tunes, the air-conditioning, and about everything else that an ordinary car has. We went so wild in the car that it actually started bouncing! Even the people walking by started staring. So there we were having fun when his mom came back with the pizza. She tried to turn the car on, but unfortunately the battery died out just when we were about to book it home. And so, we waited 2 hours for his dad to come and juice us up. After that we got home, had partied, and eventually passed out. Yeaaaah, that was a party!

  96. bryan lopez p2 says:

    One day my family and i went to knots berry farm but i didn’t want to go because i was very tired to go. well i need to go because i was gonna stay home by myself and i don’t like to stay alone by myself .so we went but when we got there i was happy because i got to ride all of the rides with my brother . so i had a good time in i didn’t really expect it

  97. yanaliz lopez says:

    One very cold winter i was heading to mexico for my very first time ever i was very nervous beacuse i was scared and i didnt know anybody from this place called durango. plus we had to go to tijana it was my first time with out ma parents and i was scared. i was very quiet during the trip them i met some reletives ive seen before and they were really nice and showed me around the house and introuduced me to their friends and i was a little better. then the big trip came we went to ma daddys moms house we were on the bus for 3 days and ma legs hurt and were swallen and then we were there and i thought my grandma would recongnize me but she didnt i felt bad and then i told her who i was and she said i looked like my dad alot and that i reminded her of how he was. then after 5 week of being there it was time to leave i was sad and cried because i wanted to stay i was going to miss everyone and all the farm animals to. and i havent gone ever since but the good news is that ma g ma is coming in 3 to 4 week and im vewry excited

  98. yanaliz lopez says:

    One very cold winter i was heading to mexico for my very first time ever i was very nervous beacuse i was scared and i didnt know anybody from this place called durango. plus we had to go to tijana it was my first time with out ma parents and i was scared. i was very quiet during the trip them i met some reletives ive seen before and they were really nice and showed me around the house and introuduced me to their friends and i was a little better. then the big trip came we went to ma daddys moms house we were on the bus for 3 days and ma legs hurt and were swallen and then we were there and i thought my grandma would recongnize me but she didnt i felt bad and then i told her who i was and she said i looked like my dad alot and that i reminded her of how he was. then after 5 week of being there it was time to leave i was sad and cried because i wanted to stay i was going to miss everyone and all the farm animals to. and i havent gone eversince

  99. Leon Au P.6 says:

    One time, during the summer, I was staying at my aunt’s house with my cousins. They had this new game set up on the Wii. It was a really fun and exciting multi-player game with lots of fighting and a complex plot. This game was so addicting however, that one night, my cousins and I decided to start a new game and speed-run the whole game in one sitting. This caused the unintended consequence. We started at noon and finished it in about 1:00 in the morning! After this dilemma, we slept like a log until 2:00 P.M.

  100. Julissa Reyes says:

    ouo I used to live in Bunea Park Califonina.And i started 3rd grade i a School Called Gilbert.. The funny thing was on the first day i made tons of freinds non stop :D.But after 5th grade i had to move to Garden Grove which i come to Waner but when i moved i missed all my freinds..But i ended up make new freinds. END per2

  101. Shae Dela Pina per. 2 says:

    Me and my family went to Hawaii, and me and my sister thought we were going to go in a hotel and just go to the beaches, and circle the island. Once we landed after the 5 hour flight, we arrived at the airport. Then instead of a taxicab and a hotel. We see our aunt and uncle waiting for us with a Hummer to let us barrow. They also let us stay at their house for the whole time we were staying! While our vacation at Hawaii we met some of our cousins, aunts and uncles. And had a relaxing and fun time. (:

  102. Adan Cueva per.4 says:

    Along time ago i used to live in Garden Grove. I use to go to a school named Stanley elementry. We had to move so i went to another school. I was in the the first grade.
    I had no friends at all but i started talking to people faster than i expected. After that
    I had new friends and hung out with them every day and i liked my new school better than my old school.

  103. Molly Bruland Per. 6 ...09/19/10 says:

    YOUR ASSIGNMENT- Think of a time when you or your family did something that had an unintended consequence. Write a 1 paragraph response from your own personal experience. (ex: your family moved from one place to another, you were nervous about a new place, but you ended up finding a new best friend.)
    At my Elementary, all the kids were nasty, and mean, and horrible, and it got to the point where nobody was nice, and no t one single person would sit next to me at lunch. I would come home crying every day and never wanna go back, let alone go to middle school with them. So, it got to the point where in my opinion going to my feeder middle school (Bell) was NOT an option. So, my dad had always said how nice the kids at the school he teaches at are so nice. So somewhere along the way, I decided to go to Warner. A school where I would actually be the new kid. I have stayed at my school my whole life and never moved. So, I went to Warner, and every day the experience of being there was over-all good. I had good friendships, the kids were polite, I made really good friends, always had someone to sit with at lunch, and even got straight A’s. So, my experience was very good, I love it, and am still loving my second year at Warner!!

    – Molly R. Bruland 😀 ❤
    Per. 6 Simonds, 09/19/10

  104. ngoc tran says:

    In the summer , me & my family went to a trip at Vietnam. We went there for like a month , and everything seems so fun there. I really enjoy it there. This year , my goal is to learn everything in 8th grade , and move on to 9th grade next year. Also, I’m looking forward to learn about the history of China & doing projects with groups!

  105. Andy Pham Per.6 says:

    Well my family moved from here and there a lot of times. I hated every place but when i got used to it thats when i realized that it was fun there. The next time i moved it was difficult again but after a few weeks i got used to it.

  106. Ashley Vasquez period 5 says:

    Last year during winter break we planned to go on vacation to San Francisco. Well that day was a big rush. My mom got out of work at 8 in the morning. when she got home we had to pack quick cause my dad didn’t want to catch traffic. Well once we got done packing everything in are truck and on the FWY. My mom forgot the camera thats how big of a rush we were in. so we had to turn around and go back home. when we were done getting the camera we got on the freeway again. Everything was fine until my dad didn’t want to follow the directions from Map Quest cause he thought it were wrong. I think we were on the 405 or something and we were suppose to get on the 5. Well anyways some how we ended up in Sacramento instead of San Francisco. We left are house around 1 o’clock. it was suppose to take 8 hours to get to are hotel but instead it took 11 cause we got lost. yes we were stuck in the car for 11 hours that was the worst experience driving to San Francisco ever. It was dark,cold,and we didn’t know where we were so my dad finally stopped at a gas station and asked. It was around 9 o’clock at night. 2 hours till we got to San Francisco. so yes the worst driving experience but the rest of are vacation was the best ever. We got to have fun and spend time as a family!!

  107. Luis Juarez Period 2 says:

    Last year during the summer my family and i went to move to Murrieta. It was reallly hot over there in the big mountains. We only stayed there fot two years but that was a really fun in Murrieta for two years. I didnt want to move from there because i had a really good friend that seemed to me like a brother but anyways we still had to move and i really liked it there.

  108. Luis Juarez Period 2 says:

    Three years ago my family and i went to live to Murrieta near Corona. It was really hot up there and felt really overheated. Well when i lived there i had a friend that seemed like a good brother for me and played alot with him. When i moved there i was really nervous to talk to him. But, one day when my parents said that we were moving i felt really sad of everything i did there because i was not gonna see my best friend. Those years were really fun there.

  109. Danny Vo; Period 3 says:

    My unintended consequence started during my vacation in the Bay Area with my cousins a few years ago. The whole family was sitting at home, mostly watching TV or playing video games. My aunt had decided that she wanted to go shopping and asked if anyone else wanted to join her. Obviously, my sister and all the ladies in the house volunteered. I never really liked going shopping so I decided to stay home. When they all left, the house became very quiet since it was only two of my cousins and I. I ended up laying on the floor, staring at the ceiling, hoping for something exciting to happen. I started to regret my choice of not going shopping. A few minutes went by and we suddenly heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door and saw Brenda, my cousin’s sister whom was at tennis practice. She came in and said that she was very bored and asked us if we wanted to play some games. I happily agreed and that was when all the fun began. The house that I was staying at was very big and there was plenty of room to run around. We ended up playing hide-and-seek, tag, and plenty of other games. I can honestly say, that was the most fun I had during my vacation. Needless to say, I always chose to stay home after that experience.

  110. Camille Maciel per.4 :) says:

    Over the summer, I made the RBI all-star team to represent Warner and California. Since I was the only one from the Warner softball team, I didn’t know anyone except 3 people from the Stacey team. My all-star games were during all-star weeked for the MLB, so the Angels sponserd us and invited the whole RBI

  111. Tiana Chan ; Period3 says:

    One unintended consequence was when I moved to new school. I was really nervous about making new friends because I’m shy. Going to a new school is pretty scary because I didn’t know anyone there. However during the day I made many new friends that are now close to me. After school ended I realized it wasn’t as bad as it seemed.

  112. Quang Do per. 5 says:

    Soooo over a bout 4 through 5 years ago i moved to America. I had family over here but i didn’t know if anyone would be my friends. So when i came over here 3rd grade a lot of people actually helped me to fit in. Two of my friends named Patrick and Derek helped me get to know many people that i know today. I still keep in touch with many of my friend in Vietnam.

  113. Camille Maciel per.4 :) says:

    Over the summer, I made the RBI all-star team to represent Warner and California. Since I was the only one from the Warner softball team, I didn’t know anyone except 3 people from the Stacey team. My all-star games were during all-star weeked for the MLB, so the Angels sponserd us and invited the whole RBI classic to fanfest, celebrity softball game, furture’s game, and the homerun derby, also we could stay at Chapman University for free . I was scared because I wasn’t going to know alot of people, also I was going to be away from my family for 6days, and that I wasn’t going to have a good time. In the end, my roommate was awesome, I meet tons of people from all over the USA and puerto rico, my team did great and so did I (undefeated in the nation), AND ALSO HAD THE BEST EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE THAT I WILL NEVER FROGET. My summer was the best!!!!!

  114. Amber Vu Period 6. says:

    I remember when I found out I had to go to Warner Middle School. I didn’t want to at first because I thought school was going to be bad because of gang members and I wouldn’t have any friends accept for my friend from elementary. I actually wanted to go to McGarvin Intermediate but I didn’t get accepted into that school. When I first came to Warner Middle School, I actually loved it. I made new friends and such. I’m glad I went to Warner Middle School cause I love it here.

  115. Daniel Freedland says:

    I haven’t had many unintended consequences in my life because my parents plan many things well. I have had one unintended consequence that was important, and that was recent. I went to Cypress College one day to take a placement test for a math course when they told me I couldn’t take the class. While discussing things with the guidance counselor she told us about an online course which was the same class. I ended up taking the online class, and having a much more convenient option. That is one of the most memorable and recent unintended consequences that I have faced.

  116. David Nguyen 2nd Period says:

    2 years ago, my friend was having a birthday party that I really didn’t want to go to. I thought it was going to be boring and lame. I didn’t want to go at all! I was then forced to go to it. I was just sitting there doing nothing, until most of my friends came. The party became more fun and exciting! Overall, I had a great time!

  117. my unintended consequence was when my family and i went to chicago illinoes. my parents got a new job and my sister and i went to a differnt school. i was nervous i didnt want to go to school that day. that same day i met new friends but we only stayed there for three months. after two months i was no longer nervous and got used to live there. nothing ever seemed that bad to me from that point on

  118. Michelle Nguyen P6 says:

    Summer of 2008 , My sister and i were raising 13 fish. so about 4 months later, school was getting tougher and we pretty much didnt take care of it, So of course. . they died. We told our father that we can handle the responsiblity but we couldnt. I thought we were gonna get in trouble, but i was wrong. My father said, sooner or later i knew you guys were gonna kill them. Then he just lectured us about responsibilities. After a week or so, my dad bought us turtles, and i still own them till this day on .

  119. Jimmy Vu P.6 says:

    About 2 years ago I my mom made me go to a monastery. I didn’t want to go but I wanted to make my mom happy. I thought it was gong to by the worst time of my time and that no one there was going to like me. But after staying there for 5 days during the summer it was one of the best experiences I ever had during my summer there were a lot of people who were kind and friendly. There were lots of activity’s there. Two years later I still look back to that awesome trip.

  120. Andy Le Period 6th says:

    In 4th grade, my mom wanted me to move to a different elementary school. when i transfered, i thought i was going to be a loaner. but then i made alot of friends and had a good time there.

  121. joshua pedraza period 4 says:

    Last summer me and my brothers went to best buy to get an autograph from a band name avenged sevenfold. so we waited for like 3 hours then we got to the front of the line and the sucurity told we need to buy their album their 2 days before. so we didnt get their autograph but we did get to them so it wasent that bad i guess.

  122. Minh Nguyen says:

    A few years ago I went to Gilbert elementary school. I had a lot of really close friends there. We were planning to go to Lake intermediate together. Unfortunately I had to move to a new elementary school called Anderson. I was upset that I was not able to attend Lake with my old friends and finish elementary school with them. On the good note, I made new friends at Anderson elementary and we all go to Warner middle school now.

  123. Tiffany Vu Period 2 says:

    I used to live in Garden Grove and I had a lot of close friends there. When my mom told me that we were going to move into Westminster, which meant I had to go to a new school, I was devastated. The thought of leaving all my friends made me want to cry. Ahah. After moving to Demille, I thought I wasn’t going to have a good time, but boy was I wrong. I met tons of cool people that I still hang out with today. If I hadn’t moved, I wouldn’t have met my best friend of 5 years 🙂 I still wonder how my old friends are doing, but I guess moving to Westminster wasn’t so bad at all.

  124. Vivian Dinh says:

    One time my grandma, cousin and I were going to a big event; we thought it would fun. We heard that we will get to eat there too so that is why me and my cuosin wanted to tag along. We dressed pretty nice for the occasion, but we ended up at a memorial anniversary. It was pretty sad. We prayed for that person. At least we still had hope for the food but untill the end my uncle drove me and my cousin home and only my grandma can go eat.

  125. Kenny Le says:

    A few weeks ago when we were on a camping trip (thought it was going to be crappy) then the tires broke. Our dad blamed us then we had to walk to the gas station to get some new tires. We went back and then put the tires in the car after that it was a good day.

  126. nestor nino period 6th says:

    a couple years ago i moved back from oregon to los angles. For some strange reson my parents wanted to live in garden grove. well any ways we moved to garden grove. The only reson i didn’t want to move to garden grove was because i didnt know any body. I thought i was gunna be a outcast or a misfit or a loner or some thing like that. over the year i had more friends and most of them think im funny. well ya thats my sory. I thought i was gunna be a loner, but i ended up having alot of realy good friends.

  127. Jocelyne Peralta Per. 2 says:

    One time me and my family went to go see this house because we were moving. My mom told me that it was going to be nice because it has a pool and also air conditioner and it was a good neighborhood. She had already seen it but the rest of us havent so we had to go. I was really excited but when we go there i found out that i wouldnt get my own room so i was dissapointed because i was looking forward to a new room.

  128. One Saturday afternoon, my sister, her friend, and I were going to go to the theaters. I thought it would suck considering none of my friends could go that day. When we got to the theaters, I noticed other stores I would liked to go to after the movie. The movie was good and I actually had a good time.

  129. Ken Tewasart Period 3 says:

    Before school started, I had planned on getting school supplies from Wal-Mart or Target the next day. Except I found myself going with my brother, my mom, and her friends to Cabazon. I found myself in an outlet store called Desert Hills, and I didn’t think I would get any clothes because I’m not interested in clothing that much. But I had a few clothes in my hands that I liked and my brother bought them for me. After the shopping, we went to morongo casino resort (which I also haven’t expected) and to a mexican buffet in morongo. Sadly, the line was VERY long and we had to wait for at least a hour, but the food was GREAT.

  130. Jamie Ahn says:

    On September 11th, I was making birthday brownies for my friends, Joyce and Mary. My mom wasn’t home and i made brownies before, so i thought i knew what i was doing. My house is really ghetto so we don’t have an oven and so i baked them on the stove…I didn’t know that you were supposed to time the brownies baking on the fire so they ended up burnt from the bottom and top. It was still good, but only on the inside…My mom came home and I told her that i burnt the brownies. I thought that i was going to get in major trouble, but my mom said, “It’s okay Jamie, you learn from your mistakes.” I was flabbergasted.

  131. kathy nguyen period 5 says:

    Sometime around June last year, my parents decided to move to another place. We moved in July, and I was nervous because I wanted to go to Warner, but they wanted me to go to Irvine. I didn’t know anyone, so I begged my parents to let me go to Warner, and the begging got to a point where it got so annoying, they let me. I found out one of my friends live in the neighborhood, and my other friend lives across the street.

  132. Alex Salazar says:

    I don’t know why, but this is all I thought of. One time, when I was in kindergarten, there was a field trip to Lego Land and I was extremely excited because I love Legos. So, the whole week I was planning on going and I was really eager, then comes the actual date. I was all ready in the morning, and my Dad was home, but that’s odd because he leaves early for work. Then I asked why and my mom said the we were going to New Mexico. I got really pissed. So we were off, it was a really long drive and it was super boring but the three days I was there I actually had fun swimming and hanging out with my cousins. So it really turned out to be a good time.

  133. vu nguyen says:

    my family consequences was that when we came to america we were scared that life over here was ganna be hhard but when we went over here life was the same as in vietnam but more cleaner

  134. Kevin Tran per. 4 says:

    I remember the time in summer when I had to move to Sacramento, California. I was scared because I didn’t knew anyone. After we finish putting our stuff away, one of our neighbor greeting us for being their new neighbor. I then made friend from a kid from the family who greeted us. After we became friend he showed me around the neighborhood. I soon made a lot of new friends when I got used to my new neighborhood.

  135. Dat Tran p2 says:

    In vege memories of the past, I think my family did lost of moving when i was small but it never affected me. I still have one incident when my brother found out he has a brain infection in his left cranium. From that moment on everything change, everything revolved around him. My mom moved up there with him and my dad had to go to work so I was home most of the time. To me that was very big change from since I was small and always had parentaly supervision. They never intended for me to be alone 24/7 but they only thought of my brother for the moment, because he was very sick from the brain infection. He couldn’t even moved his leg, so my mom had to be there with him and I had to stay home alone and make my own food witch i never did ever before. That was my parents unintened incitdent to me and they never thought I would get scared and I did.

  136. scarlett Peters p.2 says:

    Scince i was one year old i lived in Las Vegas. I didn’t know anything other than that. My mom wanted to move back with my dad. I wasn’t to happy because all my friends were in Navada. Once we moved and got settled me and my mom went for a walk. ( i was only 5 or 6) When i met my best friend Erica . To this day we are still best friends, Scince we moved again i only see mabey 2 to 3 times a year. She i hope will always be my best friend.

  137. Tyler Vu P6 says:

    I believe it was sometime around November of 2008. I’ve lived in California all my life but i decided to live with my mom in Florida. Things weren’t working out so well so we decided to move back to California. I wanted to move back to my old elementary because all of my friends were there, but apparently there was no space. So we went to a school that my older brother went to which was Warner, and i was not so happy about it because I didn’t know anyone. So here I am on the first day of school trying to figure out this whole block schedule thing which was difficult because i was not used to it and because i was to scared to ask any teachers about my problem, so the first day wasen’t going out so well. The second day of school i kind of got the whole thing down especially because i met a really nice friend which helped me around so apparently thing whole middle school thing wasen’t so bad.

  138. Cesar Lopez Period 2 says:

    In the summer we where all excited to visiting San Fransisco. Everyone woke up at 5 30 in the morning and we where all ready to go. 6 hours past by and i started to think arent we suppose to be there by know? I asked and my dad and he was told me yea me too. So we turned on the GPS system and we realized we took the rong road. At first everyone thout it waz terrible becouse we had lost time and gas but then there was a little carneval we stoped by to buy somthing to eat and we ended up playing in the carneval for almost the whole day. we finally got to San Fransico at midnite.

  139. There was one time were my dad had to bring me my brothers and my sister to my moms house so we can spend the weekend there. Then my mom and dad started to argue out of no were because i think my dad found out that my mom was cheating on my dad and he got mad and grabbed my moms head and kissed her on the nose but it looked like he attacked her and my brother started to yell help and some big dude came but by then my dad was gone. Then my mom called my sister and she came she then called the police,they came and looked at the car cause my dad punched the side windows and broke them. Then my two brothers started to fight because my mom and dad were arguing. Then the cops talked to each of us kids and asked each what happened and why and we told them. So we had to move with my mom and go to a new school called ”Dwyer”. Ithen met my best freind there named austin he was really cool. Thats my story of a time where i had to move.

  140. There was one time were my dad had to drop me my brothers and my sister off at my moms house but we met at a nearby 7 eleven. Then my mom and my dad started to argue because my dad figured out that my mom was cheating on him so he grabbed her head and kissed her on the nose but it looked like he was attacking her. Then he punched my moms windows and broke them. Then my brother screamed ”help” and my other brother said ”shut up” and my brothers started to fight and they stopped and some big guy came over to stop my dad but he was gone. Then my older sister came and the cops and started to ask all us kids questions like whathappend so we had to move in with my mom and go to a new school and i met my other best friend Austin. Well thats my story were i had to move.

  141. Pati maia per. 5 says:

    there was one time my two uncles visit me and my family at samoan and my other two uncles visit me and my family at alaska my uncle told us about earthquake at my country
    I didn’t know about the earthquake was in samoan. my uncles gave us some girfts from samoan my mom and my sister likes the dress, my stepdad likes fish,lobster, and crab , and me well my give me tshirts, new shoes , and a dvd call the laughing samoans in crack me off.

  142. Shery Leung p.5 says:

    I wanted an I pod touch when my brother got it but it took me a year to save up the money. On the fourth quarter i got all A’s in my report card. My mom said ‘If my grades stay all A’s then she will give my a reward, so my grade stayed all A’s. I bought the I pod before school ended; I had the money to buy the I pod but I was short 35 dollar. The reward for having all A’s is that I don’t have to pay back the 35 dollar that I didn’t have to pay my dad.

  143. Stephanie Colunga p.6 says:

    My Grandma And Grandpa Took Me To A Play. I Thought I Would Hate It, But I Decided To Give It A Chance. The Play HAd A Lot Of Songs, Most Of Them A Little Annoying. It Was Really Long To, So By Intermission I Wasnt Liking It Very Much. The Second Half Though Was Funny, The Songs Were Less Annoying, And The Dancing Was Funny. By The End I Liked The Play.