• 8.5X11in notebook (min. 100 pgs. 1 subject)
  • first 4 pages are set-up as Table of Contents (running table of contents will be posted in classroom)
  • Number ALL pages beginning with “1” through the end of the notebook.
  • All work, notes, tests, quizzes, and handouts will be posted in the notebook and should be in same order as running table of contents.
  • Table of Contents will also be posted on this site for you to check while at home.
  • Notebooks will be turned-in 2-3 times during each trimester and account for 15% of your grade.


  • Organization and neatness= better grades and understanding
  • There is a CST in May on Social Studies. With this notebook, you will have the ability to have easy access to study your notes so you can ACE the CST!!